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HS14D Headset


SFr. 392.40

CC-15-MD4 HS15 Single muff lightweight noise-canceling Headset CZ11450

SFr. 321.85

CC-30-MD4 HS15D Double muff lightweight noise-canceling headset CZ11451

SFr. 536.40


HS16 Lightweight Headset CZ11452

 SFr. 260.05

HS4-3 Earpiece and Lapel Mic CZ11454


 SFr. 139.80


MD-XLR4M, Adapter Cable for using XL4F terminated dynamic headset

SFr. 146.30


MD-XLR4F, Adapter Cable for using XLRM terminated dynamic headset

SFr. 146.30


MD-XLR5F, Adapter Cable for using XLR5M terminated dynamic headset

SFr. 146.30


Headset Extension Cable, 6 foot for HS15 and HS15D

SFr. 19.50


DX Headset Cable with connector, 48" with mini-DIN

SFr. 37.65

HSI-6000 Interface CZ11453

SFr. 141.45



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AC40A Battery Charger CZ11378

SFr. 898.60
BAT41 Rechargeable Battery for WH200 ComLink & BP200 Beltpacs
as included 104034

SFr. 68.25
AC850 Charger G28820-1Z1

SFr. 1'664.85
BAT850 Battery for MB100 Master Station G27021-1

SFr. 117.50

CZ 11421  115-240v Universal Powersupply used on all HME units SFr. 212.00

Antennen Zubehör

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inkl. 8% MwSt.
Antenna Splitter/Combiner 2.4 GHz 647G006

SFr. 171.35
Remote Antenna kit 6 feet G27009-1 SFr. 126.80
Remote Antenna Kit 30 feet G26671-1 SFr. 181.10
   Base Antenna to Basis Station 101G048 SFr. 83.60

G28066-1, RMK200 Antenna Mounting Kit, 1RU SFr. 206.15

Headsets & Accessories

Clear-Com offer a versatile range of headsets, handsets and microphones that are designed to give excellent audio quality, comfort and ease of use to suit every need. Our range of headsets can be used with all Clear-Com Partyline and Matrix products as well as wired and wireless beltpacks.
  • Intercom Headsets

    Durable and professional headsets provide comfort for prolonged use, voice clarity with noise-cancelling capability and excellent audio response.

  • Intercom Microphones

    A variety of flexible and durable gooseneck microphones offered in different sizes are ideal for everyday use in live productions.

  • Intercom Handsets

    Push-to-talk hand-held microphone or telephone-style handset

  • HME DX Series Accessories


  • Cables

    Dual channel beltpack adapter or intercom line splitter