HE-001 Headset Product specifications

Product Description

This guide headset is very comfortable and has a perfect sound quality for both participants and the guide itself. The headset is a composition of a directional microphone and headphones. By the fixed distance between mouth and microphone, it creates a steady noise level.

Usage application

  • The AXIWI HE-001 headset is often used by guides during factory tours.
  • This headset is also often by city guides used in combination with the communication system of AXIWI.

Product specifications

  • Ear cushion diameter 40 mm
  • Connection 3,5 mm plug
  • Condensor microphone type
  • Microphone boom lenght 140 mm.
  • Weight  44 gram
  • cable lenght 75 cm.
  • Kabellengte 75 cm